Brazilian-Americans at NYC Women's March denounce policies of Bolsonaro's Government

On Saturday, January 19, the 3rd Women’s March happened in Washington, D.C. and in dozens of other cities in the US.

The first Women’s March took place on the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, with his announcement of attacks against women’s rights historically achieved. The Movement demands social, racial, and economic  justice aligned with gender equality and the end of violence against women. The Brazilian-American group and its supporters reissued the movement ‘Ele-Não’ (Not Him) and marched on the streets of many North American cities.

In New York, the Brazilian-American women and men participated in the two large events happening in Manhattan. The groups Defend Democracy in Brazil Committee- New York, Mulheres da Resistência no Exterior (Women Resisting Abroad) , and  the percussion group Fogo Azul - which is composed by women only, and many are Brazilians- had a prominent role as front liners of the march that crossed through the center of Manhattan.

We marched in solidarity with the American women by denouncing the persecution of Latina immigrants by Trump, and to the Brazilian women in Brazil who have their rights attacked and undermined by Bolsonaro’s government.

We denounced how the end of social programs that favor employment, housing, and education will affect greatly the poor, unemployed, and head of household women.

We demanded justice for Marielle Franco, the Councilwoman assassinated 10 months ago in Rio de Janeiro. We denounced the violence against indigenous women and their communities. We also demanded measures to put an  end to the already alarming high number of assassinations of women in Brazil, which will only increase dramatically with the decree issued this past week, allowing common citizens to carry guns for self-defense.

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